What City Has The Largest Muslim Population In The United States

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Prices 2019 - What City Has The Largest Muslim Population In The United States, Usa united states muslim population percentage 2017 by, Usa united states muslim population percentage 2017 by city demographics . islam is the third largest religion in the united states after christianity and judaism. according to a 2010 study, muslim population is – 0.9% of the total us population, compared with 70.6% who follow christianity, 22.8% unaffiliated, 1.9% judaism, 0.7% buddhism, and 0.7% hinduism.. Muslim population in the usa - islam 101, An exact figure of muslim population in the united states is very difficult to make. the figures presented here are based on available data. in the united states, there are essentially three categories of muslims: 1) immigrants; 2) american converts/reverts to islam; and 3) those born to the first two groups as muslims.. A new estimate of the u.s. muslim population | pew, Pew research center estimates that there were about 3.3 million muslims of all ages living in the united states in 2015. this means that muslims made up about 1% of the total u.s. population ( about 322 million people in 2015 ), and we estimate that that share will double by 2050..

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What City Has The Largest Muslim Population In The United States - new report! the u.s. cities with highest muslim population, also have the highest crime rates!

islam is the 2nd largest religion in the world. there are 24% of muslims of the total population all over the world. but in the united states, muslims are not too much though it's increasing day . top 10 countries with highest muslim population around 62% of the world's muslims stay in the asia-pacific area (from turkey to indonesia). the biggest muslim populace in a country is in indonesia.

America's muslim capitals - the daily beast, America's muslim capitals. while the ground zero mosque generates nationwide debate, america has become a country of thousands of mosques, cultural institutions and halal restaurants.. Which states have the greatest muslim populations in the, Virginia: the united states census bureau estimated the population of virginia to be 8,382,993 in 2015. of that total, 2% — or about 167,660 people — are muslim. share:. Dearborn, michigan - wikipedia, Dearborn is the eighth largest city in the state of michigan. as of the 2010 census, it had a population of 98,153 and is home to the largest muslim population in the united states.. The biggest muslim capitals in america - the daily beast, The muslim population figures are based on metro area data from “religious congregation and membership in the united states,” the most recent report on nationwide religious affiliation ..

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