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Prices 2019 - Uzbek Dictionary Pdf, Uzbeks - wikipedia, The uzbeks (oʻzbek/Ўзбек, pl. oʻzbeklar/Ўзбеклар) are a turkic ethnic group; the largest turkic ethnic group in central asia.they comprise the majority population of uzbekistan but are also found as a minority group in afghanistan, tajikistan, kyrgyzstan, kazakhstan, turkmenistan, russia and china. uzbek diaspora communities also exist in turkey, saudi arabia, and pakistan. Online language dictionaries and translators - word2word, Language dictionaries and translators "breaking the barriers of language through learning" word2word is pleased to provide these dictionary links in the hope of all people developing a better understanding of others through the use of language.. Turkmen dictionary online translation lexilogos >>, Turkmen-english dictionary, online translation, language, grammar. turkmen keyboard to type a text with the special latin characters • turkmen conversion: latin <> cyrillic alphabet • turkmen cyrillic keyboard • turkmen grammar by david gray (2004) • grammatical sketch of turkmen by elliott michael hoey (2013) • turkmen manual language: grammar, vocabulary, by david tyson & larry ..

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  • 寝ても覚めてもウズベキスタン
  • dictionary of the turkic languages  (ingilish azerbaycan

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Amphibian - wiktionary, Of or relating to the class amphibia.· capable of operating on both land and water amphibious.· (obsolete) having two natures.·an animal of the amphibia; any four-legged vertebrate that does not have amniotic eggs, living both on land and in water. a vehicle which can operate on land and water. see wikipedia article on "amphibious aircraft". Google translate, Google's free service instantly translates words, phrases, and web pages between english and over 100 other languages.. Ouzbek — wikipédia, Le texte de l'article 1 de la déclaration universelle des droits de l'homme en ouzbek écrit en caractères latins et cyrilliques : . barcha odamlar erkin, qadr-qimmat va huquqlarda teng boʻlib tugʻiladilar. ular aql va vijdon sohibidirlar va bir-birlari ila birodarlarcha muomala qilishlari zarur.. Online dictionaries in many languages - omniglot, Links to online monolingual, bilingual and multilingual dictionaries for many languages.