Novation Peak Vs Prophet 12

Prices 2019 - Novation Peak Vs Prophet 12, Novation peak vs prophet rev 2.. - gearslutz, The novation peak can do some things the prophet can't, but it sounds like the prophet can produce warmer thicker sounds than the peak (although i haven't heard a patch where a peak attempts to imitate the prophet sound). if i got the peak, it'd be my primary poly, while if i got the rev2 i'd go used and get the 16 voice desktop version.. Novation peak -, Novation peak + print; pages: [1] 2. novation peak . prophet 12 keyboard, mono evolver keyboard, toraiz as-1, prophet-600 gligli, prophet 2000 . said it before but i think it would be nice if they did something completely out of the ordinary and do a synth that's vs/fm based with prophet 2000 samples included and perhaps an on board 10 .. Dave smith prophet rev2 vs novation peak: reviews, prices, Dave smith prophet rev2 is $999.10 more expensive than an average tabletop synthesizer ($299.99). novation peak is a very popular option on the lower end of the price range. it's in the top 3 bestselling tabletop synthesizers and has dozens of popular alternatives in the same price range, such as teenage po 16 factory or teenage po tonic ..