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Prices 2019 - Made In Turkey 9mm Pistols, Turkish firearms you shouldn’t overlook – canik, stoeger, Turkish firearms you shouldn’t overlook – canik, stoeger, sarsilmaz ~ video. a turkish guns and gun makers have been around for decades, but a whole lot more have been showing up in the past 10 years or so. gun snobs might poo-poo them, but you shouldn't overlook turkish firearms, as there are some quality long guns and handguns being made in that country.. New turkish 9mm - the girsan mc28 - great review - shot, The pistols and shotguns the produce are very well built and quite reliable. they are far superior to what some of us in the industry dismiss as standard price point guns. for this review we focused on their most practical personal defense weapon, the mc28 sa.. A pair of all-steel 9mm pistols are definitely not turkeys, The ar-24 pistol compact 24k-13 9mm luger, $550, is made by sarsilmaz in d zce and is imported by armalite of geneseo, illinois. it is a hoss as well, weighing in at 36.2 ounces unloaded and 42.4 ounces loaded. the ar-24 is 7.5 inches long and stands 5.2 inches tall and carries 14 rounds as its total payload..

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The 9mm no-name: canik 55 tp9 review - handguns, The tp9 is a polymer-framed 9mm pistol with a 17+1 capacity. this is a full-size gun with a 4-inch barrel. the action type of the tp9 is a bit unusual. it is a striker-fired gun, but it works a bit like a da/sa pistol with an exposed hammer. when you first load the pistol and drop the slide, you have the option of leaving it as is.. Review of the turkish 9mm luger canik 55 tp-9 handgun, This is a review of the canik 55 tp-9 handgun. specifications: cai canik55 tp-9 caliber: 9mm overall: 6.75″ weight: 1.7 lbs. msrp: $350ish.. Mke turkish 9mm 123gr - handguns and ammunition forums, Shot the turkish 123gr. nato spec. ammo and it shoots great. all so the tula- brass 9mm made in italy for 12.97 a box for 50 count,n/c and boxer brass. a better deal at walmart,the turkish was $21.97 a box of 50. it sell's fast and the best time to get it is 7:30-8:00 am.. Turkish zigana m16 semi auto pistol 15+1 - 9mm, Brutus' description. the zigana series of pistols are manufactured in turkey by the tisas trabzon arms industry corp since 2001. these pistols are in limited use by several security companies in turkey, as well as by some turkish military units. unlike most other pistols of turkish origin, these appear to be of more or less original design,..