How Many Geometries Are There

Prices 2019 - How Many Geometries Are There, What are the three basic types of geometry? |, Quick answer. there are three basic types of geometry: euclidean, hyperbolic and elliptical. although there are additional varieties of geometry, they are all based on combinations of these three basic types. euclidean geometry is the original form, dating back to 300 bc, and it is the result of the work of the greek alexandrian mathematician.. Meaning and types of geometry - mathematics stack exchange, Meaning and types of geometry. ask question 1 $\begingroup$ i heard that there's several kind of geometries for instance projective geometry and non euclidean geometry besides the euclidean geometry. so the question is what do you mean by a geometry, do you need truly many geometries and if yes what kind of results we can find in one geometry .. The three geometries - eschermath, The shape of the universe. there is also a geometry which is a combination of spherical and euclidean, and a geometry which is a combination of hyperbolic and euclidean. the three other geometries are a bit more exotic and are harder to describe..

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