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Prices 2019 - Hmr 17, .17 hmr - wikipedia, .17 hornady magnum rimfire, commonly known as the .17 hmr, is a rimfire rifle cartridge developed by the ammunition company hornady in 2002. it was developed by necking down a .22 magnum case to take a .17 caliber (4.5 mm) projectile. commonly loaded with a 17 grain (1.1 g) projectile, it can deliver muzzle velocities in excess of 775 m/s (2,650 ft/s).. .17 hmr -, .17 hmr. the .17 hmr was a caliber that captured the imagination of a whole sector of the shooting community when it was first introduced by hornady.. 17 hmr rifles for sale online - hinterland outfitters, We carry 17 hmr rifles for sale online, including savage 17 hmr cal rifles, 17 hmr semi auto rifles, marlin 17 hmr rifles, winchester 17 hmr rifles, browning 17 hmr t-bolt rifles, cz-usa 17 hmr rifles, and henry 17h hmr caliber rifles for sale. we also stock plenty of 17 hmr ammunition..

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Rimfire | rimfire ammo, .22 ammo, hmr 17 ammo, 17 mach 2, .22 ammunition.22 ammo comes in a variety of styles, each proving effective for different targets. the 22lr in stock is available in target, standard velocity, high velocity and hyper velocity loads and is often used in high levels of match target competition, including the olympics. .22 short ammo is a quieter round that is favored by recreational shooters and is an economical choice for .. Compared: .17 hmr and .22 wmr (magnum) -, The .22 winchester magnum rimfire (wmr), often referred to simply as the ".22 magnum," has been the most powerful rimfire cartridge on the market since it was introduced back in 1959. and, in terms of muzzle energy, it still is. but there is a new leader in rimfire velocity, the .17 hornady magnum .. The best .17-caliber rifles available today - rifle shooter, Of the two, the .17 hmr is far and away the most popular. of rimfire design, it's ideal for prairie dogs, potgut gophers and most of the smaller furbearers out to a couple of hundred yards..