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Prices 2019 - Hj Urban Dictionary, Feces - wikipedia, The distinctive odor of feces is due to bacterial action. gut flora produces compounds such as indole, skatole, and thiols (sulfur-containing compounds), as well as the inorganic gas hydrogen sulfide.these are the same compounds that are responsible for the odor of flatulence.consumption of foods prepared with spices may result in the spices being undigested and adding to the odor of feces.. This chick's video on how to give a handjob is, This video is going viral today under the premise of it being the “weirdest video ever” and, yes, it gets really weird considering a substantial portion of it is people dressed like national geographic cover models in tribal rave paint. and sure, i probably get more enjoyment out of weird videos than most. but at the same time, it had some really hilarious moments.. Common german abbreviations - deciphering your german, Many german texts will include some german abbreviations, so here is a list of the most common ones, plus some useful links, to help you decipher your german translation!.

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