Gta 5 Walizka 25000

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Prices 2019 - Gta 5 Walizka 25000, Gta 5: secret underwater $25,000 briefcase location, Gta 5: secret underwater ,000 briefcase location! hidden money package spot (grand theft auto. Easiest gta 5 money glitches $25000 easy money offline ps4, I just went down to the lower one by the submarine or whatever ship that is and got it once theres also a super light body armor down there that i can not grab, a health box and a gun which are both repeatedly available as long as you leave sight of them and return but the briefcase seems to be a one time thing and i have not even verified yet that it was 25k….. $25,000 underwater briefcase workaround post-patch - grand, Grand theft auto v; $25,000 underwater briefcase workaround post-patch; user info: chaos_915. chaos_915 4 years ago #1. i found a workaround for the $25,000 briefcase being fixed, but it's painfully slow compared to the old method. 1) grab the case and resurface 2) quicksave and load your save to respawn the case..