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Prices 2019 - Gta 5 Crashes After 5 Minutes, Game crashes every 10 to 30 minutes. :: grand theft auto v, Grand theft auto v. . crashing out at roughly 10 minutes myself. can barely get through the first mission, which i've done twice, then it crashes out. unexpectedly of course. figured it was a timeout for the rockstar login bull♥♥♥t. gave up and played expendabros for an hour.. Gta v crashes after a few minutes :: grand theft auto v, Grand theft auto v. . gta v crashes after a few minutes . updated my nvidia drivers 5 minutes before the game was released, and no, i haven't updated window's lately #10. footsiespajamies. apr 15, 2015 @ 6:06pm same problem with me, random crashes specs: 16gb ram 970's sli .. Gta 5 game crash after 2 minutes | forums, @libertz said in gta 5 game crash after 2 minutes: clr.dll. i had a problem running visual studio last week after windows updated net framework. it would crash on launching(clr.dll). to fix i uninstalled the update and net framework 4.7. then reinstalled. im on windows 7. good luck..

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Game randomly crashes after around 5-10 minutes [updated 4, I have about ** 14 ish add-ons installed (three are variants- visualv/lore friendly wheels/gta iv pack)** and some scripts. my game randomly crashes at random points, maybe about 5 minutes into playing, as you can imagine this is highly annoying.. Gta 5 crashes after a few minutes. what should i do? - quora, Gta 5 crashes means you should update your graphics software…. then you should have the latest directx should be installed… go to end task manager by pressing (ctrl+shift+esc) then now go to startup and see the startup impact …disable the high and.. Game crash after a few minutes of play - help & support, I had a burnin passed oc once (10 consecutive tests, 100% load to both cpu and ram), but kept crashing like you describe, tried everything you can imagine, just to find out later my oc wasnt gta 4 stable, so i worked a bit on voltages and no more crashes after 80 hours of gameplay..