Gta 5 Advanced Rifle Mk2

Prices 2019 - Gta 5 Advanced Rifle Mk2, Advanced rifle vs mk2 carbine rifle : gtaonline -, Long range- combat mg mk2 again for the same reasons. with everything considered, the carbine mk2 is wayyyyyy better than the advanced rifle in everything except cqb and the combat mg mk2 is better than the carbine mk2. *forget to mention ak and smg mk2 are still crap performance wise.. Best rifle to use against players and npc’s - gta online, I dont know what is the best rifle to use in gta 5 online. my special carbine mk2 does the most damage, and my advanced rifle and carbine rifle take the same damage.. All new mk2 weapons worth upgrading? :: grand theft auto v, Grand theft auto v. . carbine mk2, special carbine mk2, or bullpup mk2? either the carbine rifle mk 2 or the special carbine mk 2. keep in mind that the carbine mk 2 suffers from a graphical glitch in which the bolt doesnt go back when it reloads. edit: they're both almost the same gun in terms of stats but the carbine rifle mk 2 has slightly ..

Gta 5 Advanced Rifle Mk2 -

Grand theft auto v - marksman rifle mk ii, Gta 5 online live - buying shitzu hakuchou drag - hitesh ks hitesh ks : hindi gaming 528 watching live now gta online why grinding is better then glitching, modding and shark cards - duration: 10:08.. Gta online guides - which assault rifle is the best?, In this video i test out the power and fire rate of all the assault rifles in gta online, i shoot at a player in different parts of the body and see how many shots it takes to make the kill and i ..