Goju Ryu Kata Seiyunchin

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Prices 2019 - Goju Ryu Kata Seiyunchin, Seiyunchin kata - okinawan goju ryu karate & progressive, Seiyunchin is a very old chinese kata, and it's origins are probably in the hsing-i internal system. all of the movements are hand techniques with no kicks, a very unusual feature. it is in the tiger series of katas.. Seiyunchin goju-ryu kata | family karate center, Seiyunchin kata being performed by iogkf-usa chief instructor sensei gene villa. both front and side views.. Katas - gojuryu-karate.com, Saifa & seiyunchin saifa is the shortest kata of goju ryu but it is not easy at all. the students start practicing this kata when they already know all the basic stances, blocks, punches and kicks to be able to jump to a different category of kata techniques..

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