Geonics Em 38

Prices 2019 - Geonics Em 38, Geonics em-38 ground conductivity meter with real-time, Geonics em-38 ground conductivity meter with real-time logging. item # 101140 for any one measurement, the standard em38 provides measurements of either the quad-phase (conductivity) or in-phase (magnetic susceptibility) component data, as selected by the operator.. Em31 and em38 instrument comparison and review, When you compare geonics em31 and em38, there are few differences, except for application and depth of exploration. engineering, agriculture, archaeology. navigation. . geonics em-31 and em-38 are some of the most versatile near surface geophysical instruments made. em31 vs em38.. Geonics training for em-38 em-31 em-61 em-34, Website offers assistance with. with the use of geonics em-31, em-38, em-61, em-34, and data loggers. geonics training is intended to assist people with electromagnetic geophysical surveys and is not a definitive guide..

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