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Prices 2019 - Geometric Mean Calculator Triangle, Geometric mean calculator, Harmonic mean calculator mean calculator median calculator mode calculator what is a geometric mean? the geometric mean, often referred to as the geometric average, is a so-called specialized average and is defined as the n-th root of the product of n numbers of the same sign .. Geometric mean calculator - online calculators for math, Geometric mean formula this calculator uses the following formula to calculate the geometric mean: where n is the total number of values and x i (x 2 , x 1 , . ,x n ) are the individual numbers in the data set.. Similar right triangles formed by an altitude. the, N the proportion on the left 'x', is the geometric mean, we could solve for x by cross multiplying and going from there (more on that later) in the proportion on the left, '4', is the geometric mean worksheet with answer key on right similar triangles.

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