Prices 2019 - Geomconvert_compcurvetobsplinecurve, Milinda's space, Above is the proposal that i proposed for computational science and engineering at tu wien university. the following document contains the final code documentation and descriptions on the algorithms that i have implemented. i thought of sharing that document as well.. Opencascade - diyhpl, Opencascade. the opencascade source code is written in a combination of russian, french and english since the late 1980s starting at matra datavision. . using class geomconvert_compcurvetobsplinecurve which provides methods to concatenate several restricted curves to a bspline curve. non-bspline curves are converted to bspline before .. Freecad: geometry.cpp file reference, Geometry.cpp file reference #include "precompiled.h" #include <brepbuilderapi_makeedge.hxx> #include <brepbuilderapi_makeface.hxx> #include <brepbuilderapi_makevertex ..