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here's what you can do with google maps' new data layers

Prices 2019 - Geojson Editor Google, Geojson - google maps v3 data.feature editable? - stack, Only one idea that i have in this moment is to make my own parser from geojson and draw all shapes as google.maps.polygon(). google-maps-api-3 geojson share improve this question. Show a geojson layer on google maps/osm/mapbox, The geojson format geojson is a relatively new open standard format (geojson as rfc 7946were released in august 2016) designed to represent simple geographical features. it’s simple, human-readable and based on json. working with geojson layers is extremely simple, you can even use an online editor to create, edit and download new layers.. #2 - indoor mapping with google maps api and geojson, #2 – indoor mapping with google maps api and geojson june 7, 2017 june 7, . in josm editor, first we have to download the map data which encapsulate our building. for this, go to: file -> download from osm. . importing geojson to google maps..

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