Geoengineering Causing Drought

Prices 2019 - Geoengineering Causing Drought, Claim: california drought caused by geoengineering, Wigington, the lead researcher for geoengineering watch, is sounding the alarm. “it’s a responsibility—it’s not an option, it’s an obligation,” he said. . wigington is 100 percent certain climate engineering is happening and is causing california’s drought. the truth, he says, will cause a global shockwave. .. Geoengineering could cause drought in sahel, Geoengineering could cause drought in sahel. published on 02/04/2013, 8:26am. by tim radford less than three weeks after two us researchers called for global agreement on the governance of geo-engineering research, british meteorologists have provided a case study in potential geo-engineering disaster.. Geoengineering could bring severe drought to the tropics, Geoengineering could bring severe drought to the tropics, research shows. but the temperature rise was reduced to zero if a massive geoengineering effort took place. the 60m tonnes of sulphur dioxide pumped into the stratosphere each year in the simulation is equivalent to five volcanic eruptions, each on the scale of mount pinatubo,..

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