Geocaching Travel Bug Log

trackable lego® brick

Prices 2019 - Geocaching Travel Bug Log, How to log a travel bug or geocoin - travel bugs, Now, on to how to log these trackable items: take a look at the tag attached to the travel bug or coin. you'll see some numbers stamped on it. this is the tracking number and can be used to log that you found the bug. if it is a number from a coin, it must be a trackable at geocaching coin to be able to log it.. Trackable items for geocaching - travel bug | geocaching, Trackable travel bugs, geocoins, patches, tags and gear for geocaching. How to log a geocaching travel bug - 5, There were no travel bug trackables listed on my "log a cache" page! there are two possible reasons why the travel bug trackables were not listed on your "log a cache" page. some cache types can't hold trackables. this option will not show up for these cache listings. someone grabbed the travel bug from you before you were able to log it..

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