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Prices 2019 - Geo Water Bottle, Geo-systems, Geo-systems" are solar energy powered. "they eliminate all fossil fuel bills". while providing the most comfortable, healthy, energy efficient, clean, ecofriendly "green near zero" homes and buildings in new jersey.. Plastic water bottles exposed to heat can be toxic - dr. geo, Plastic water exposed to heat can be toxic . takeaway first. don’t drink water from plastic bottles left in a hot place for a long time. chemicals in plastics, mainly antimony (sb) and bisphenol a (bpa) can leach into any liquid in a plastic bottle according to new research, and those chemicals can potentially cause diseases (such as cancer) when consumed, based on other research.. Plastic pollution -, A sea turtle swims through the water and spots a white blob floating near the surface. “yum!” it thinks. “a jellyfish!”chasing after its dinner, the turtle swallows the item. but the floating blob isn’t a jelly—it’s a plastic bag that could make the sea turtle sick..

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