Geo Twin Series Yh306

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Geo Twin Series Yh306 - geo twin series (yh306) review

this blue is a really dark dark blue contacts. will be perfect for those who has blue eyes to accentuate the eyes even more. but if you have dark brown eyes,. hope this helps someone, i looked all over and only saw a couple of pictures of these lenses before i bought them. so hopefully if someone else wants them these pictures can help them decide.

Geo twin series brown - best price 2019, Geo twin series (yh306) review, yh-306 is a striking vibrant caramel brown lense. it great for those who is looking for the twilight effect. it doesn't have much enlargement but it is really comfortable. Geo twin series brown yh304 14.0mm - ifairycon, "i fairy lenses : create stunning eyes with our huge selection of circle lenses and colored contacts lenses. buy contacts lenses online at lower prices . contact us today !.