Geo Tracker No Power To Fuel Injector

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Prices 2019 - Geo Tracker No Power To Fuel Injector, I have a 92 geo tracker with electronic fuel injection. i, I have a 93 geo tracker with no start condition. there is spark fuel pressure but no injector spray . have tried another ecm didnt help . i checked for inj pulse with noid light at inj plug no pulse.n …. My 1991 geo tracker want start, no fire, no fuel pump power,, Tracker: cylinderfuel injectionthrottle and it starts right away have a 1989 geo tracker four cylinder with electronic fuel injection. when motor is cold, just turn the key on and do not pump the throttle and it starts right away.. If a 1992 geo tracker and the fuel injector is - answers, If a 1992 geo tracker and the fuel injector is not getting any power and all the fuses under the steering wheel are good are their any fuses in the engine compartment that go to the injector?.

Geo Tracker No Power To Fuel Injector - geo tracker no start part 2

this copper tube was used to join the fuel line that was cut. this can't be what belongs in the fuel line i cut the small end off to get me down to the store to get the barbed coupler. video shows a 92 geo tracker, no start, what found to get it running. it is a two part video.

90 geo tracker starting problems - engine discussions at, Options: 1. low voltage (current), 2 fuel presure sensor, 3 fuel pressure regulator, 4 computer. don't know if this helps other than perhaps morally, but i'm interested in communicating with knowlegeable car people on this problem and would like to know if crazy gets his solved and how.. Geo tracker will crank over but won't start -, I bought a tracker with problems from a guy last week. the tracker will crank over, but not start. . is the injector squirting? yes/no. yes,the fuel is bad. no, injection is failing. (if no code 41,42 and no squirting of mono injector, you then use a noid light, ask) see why not having a good lamp is so important? <<< here.! . geo tracker .. Geo tracker fuel injector | ebay, Find great deals on ebay for geo tracker fuel injector. shop with confidence..