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Prices 2019 - Geo Tracker Fuel Pressure Test, 91 geo tracker fuel pressure? - great lakes 4x4. the, 91 geo tracker fuel pressure? suzuki tech. if it is just a beater you can use any in tank fuelpump that looks close. i ran a civic pump in a toyota pickup. they don't fit in sending unit perfect but a couple zipties u r good to go. so if you cannnot find a tracker 1 start lookin for civic. there is usually a ton in the junkyard. also tracker fumps r known to fail. i have 2 spares for my .. 1996 geo tracker check the fuel pump relay - wikituneup, 1996 geo tracker check the fuel pump relay. the 1996 geo tracker came equipped with a 1.6 liter four-cylinder engine. the tracker included many standard features including bucket seats, power brakes, 15 inch wheels and driver and passenger front airbags. the tracker also came with an electric fuel pump that sat inside the fuel tank of the vehicle.. Geo tracker questions - i have a 95 tracker 1.6 l 16 valve, I have a 95 tracker 1.6 l 16 valve. i started getting raw fuel out the tailpipe so i changed the fuel pressure regulator and no change so after checking with several sources i bought a new set of injectors and it fixed the problem and it ran great.until the other day and it started losing power and had fuel out the tailpipe again..

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Fuel pressure test 30psi? - geo metro forum, I hooked up a fuel pressure tester in line on the pressure fuel line as per my service manual. i started the car and it was at 30-33psi. when i stopped the car the pressure went to 0. with key on it primes to 30+psi then drops to 0. obviously this is horrible my manual says 13-20 running.. Fuel-pump-testing -, The residual test is easy on all 91 and newer sidekicks, g16s , you have the fuel pressure gauge installed, and you key on 3 times and see normal pressure , stated in the specs below. then key off, and the pressure holds for a minute..