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Prices 2019 - Geo Sprint Turbo, Geo sprint head gasket kit set 1985-88 1.0 turbo too | ebay, Head gasket set includes head gasket, intake gasket, exhaust gasket, valve cover gasket, valve stem seals, and other gaskets required to r & r cylinder head. in many cases we must buy new boxes from our suppliers. ebay!. Suzuki cultus - wikipedia, The sprint badge continued to be used in the canadian market until the geo brand was introduced in 1992. unlike its american counterparts, the canadian sprint remained available with the 1.0 liter turbo engine.. Curbside classic: 1987 chevrolet turbo sprint - the truth, But the turbo sprint also follows the kei-tradition of turbocharging the little buggers. like everything else, our cars have gotten bigger, (generally) better and safer. and the volt is a remarkable piece of engineering. but isn’t there a niche in the market for a modern-day turbo sprint? . the little geo sprint has done well for itself..

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Geo Sprint Turbo - rare! 1987 chevy sprint turbo fast mpg pocket rocket

this is my geo metro i swapped a 1.0l turbo from a turbo sprint 1991, it's a project under going while i have sometime ! fixed one of the leaking pipe, no more rough idle, more to come took the rally car to the dyno to tune for the turbo. car is a 1995 1 liter, 3 cylinder. stock is about 45hp at the wheels (55 at the crank) came away with 93hp on pump gas @ 12.2 psi if i fix the .

87 chevy sprint turbo - page 3 - geo metro forum, The fuel pump on that turbo3 is twice the size of the normally aspirated car's fuel pump. i use the same fuel pump as a gt's twincam on my mk2 turbo3. don't swap the wrong fuel pump to the turbo sprint. it will starve the fueling and melt the pistons.. Junkyard find: 1987 turbo sprint - jalopnik, So when i stumbled across this freshly-placed-on-yard '87 turbo sprint i was sorely tempted to lay down a couple hundred bucks for the complete engine, buy an early geo metro to put it in, and .. Jis japan engine - engines, engine parts, machine works, Jis japan engine - engines, engine parts, machine works. call toll-free 1-888-482-4734 : home: about: contact : eng parts: engines . 87-88 geo sprint turbo: szsbg10l5: geo/gm/chevy: 1.0l - g10 - 89-00 geo metro: szsbg10l4: geo/gm/chevy: 1.0l - g10 - 89-00 geo metro: isb4xc1: geo/gm/chevy: 1.5l - 4xc1 - 85-89 spectrum: isb4xc1t: geo/gm/chevy ..

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