Geo News Anchors Mistakes

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Prices 2019 - Geo News Anchors Mistakes, Geo news anchor absa komal's done lot of mistakes in on, Geo news anchor absa komal's done lot of mistakes in one bulletin should beenish saleem wear this type of dress on eid show? 10 best pakistani female news anchors.. Pakistani newscaster funny moments live | pakistan media, Tagged with: 2018 24 news 92 news aaj news ary news funniest moments ever funny indian funny clips indian funny pranks indian funny video clip indian funny videos indian funny videos 2018 jaag tv jalsa latest news live media fights news anchor news caster news videos pakistan pakistan news today pakistan vs indian media fights pakistani funny .. World with us – news around in the week (episode 289, Apple’s big news in 108 seconds — apple (parody) off the record newsroom fun, pakistani news anchors bloopers see how indian media making fun of geo news and geo reporter.

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Geo News Anchors Mistakes - pakistani news anchor biggest mistake during live, using abusing words

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Geo’s news anchor said “kutta bacha” on air and pakistanis, As we know that news anchors read news from a teleprompter or an autocue (it is a display device that prompts the person speaking with an electronic visual text of a speech or script) with a perfect and natural reading style.. Leaked video of pakistani news anchors mistakes - video, Geo news anchors dance programme- leaked video. 00:27. pakistani hot anchor saying lun-video leaked. 00:45. . leaked video of pakistani news anchors mistakes. last year 138 views. celebrity news. follow. leaked video of pakistani news anchors mistakes welcome to our channel!.

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