Geo Metro Wont Go In Reverse

Prices 2019 - Geo Metro Wont Go In Reverse, All of a sudden, i have no reverse. - 1996 geo metro, I have a 1996 geo metro lsi 1.3 4cyl. i was driving down the road, stopped at the store, went to leave, and had no reverse. has never happened before. i got home checked fluids, yes was a little low, but not much, changed filter, and fluids, still no reverse. i've called several places, advice me to .. Solved: no reverse sometimes geo metro a/t - fixya, No reverse sometimes geo metro a/t someties i have reverse and sometimes nothing at the time reverse doesnt work - geo 1991 metro question . no reverse sometimes geo metro a/t. . have 1991 geo metro tranny won't go into 5th gear. have 1991 geo metro tranny won't go into 5th gear. it grinds and won't stay in but will go into every .. My 1999 chevrolet geo metro won't reverse.? | yahoo answers, I have a automatic geo metro, and as of two days ago the reverse gear shift will not engage. my veh will drive and park, but will not reverse. i got a friend to look at it and they assume it may be that the gears have grinded down..

Geo Metro Wont Go In Reverse - my 95 geo wont start

i have a noise coming from the rear passenger side wheel that makes a knocking rubbing noise when i make a right turn or drive in reverse in any direction (straight, left, right). how to tell when your trailing arm has failed and what kind to buy.

Geo metro won't go into other gears? | yahoo answers, Okay, i have a 1989 geo metro automatic. it runs and everything but it won't go into any other gears other than drive, neutral and park. we looked under the hood and there isn't anything we can really adjust.. Geo transmissions & drivetrains repair questions, help, Automatic transmission won't go into gear/ shift i bought this care two weeks ago off craig's list and for the first hour i was driveing it everything felt and sounded smooth, but i'm my way back home we stoped at a red light and the car started to slip gears..