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Prices 2019 - Geo Metro Temperature Gauge, Temp gauge not working correctly - geo metro forum, If there is no coolant flowing, the temp sensor will not get a reading and therefore the temp needle will not move. bad (stuck) thermostat is also likely to be the problem.. Geo metro gauges | geo parts, Replacing broken gauges on your geo metro is both economical and easy. geo metro's are solid cars when they are treated correctly and kept well maintained. a geo metro can run a long time of it is well maintained.. Geo metro temperature sender | auto parts warehouse, Looking for best temperature sender for your geo metro? find great deals on autopartswarehouse, get free shipping over $50..

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Geo Metro Temperature Gauge - geo metro build pt2

i just got a 1997 geo prizm off a friend of mine. it had a high idle and the temperature gauge was not really getting up to its optimal temperature. hey guys! corey foulem your car guy here, for today's review, i am so excited to present you an up close and personal and in depth look at the 1995 geo metro! in this review, i will talk about the .

'95 geo metro coolant temperature sensor questions, I'd like to thank nybo for his advice about my temperature gauge problem probably caused by the coolant temperature sensor i've done some work on my car before but i've never changed the coolant temperature sensor before. Temp gauge issue - suzuki forums: suzuki forum site, The temp gauge is not a definitive reading of actual coolant temperature. i have a 1991 geo tracker 4x4 and yes i do have the paper gasket (thermostat sits flush inside it's housing). i've ordered a new gasket and will just re do it to where the bleed hole completely faces the radiator this time..