Geo Metro Idle Adjustment

the screw(s) "that shall not be touched"

Prices 2019 - Geo Metro Idle Adjustment, 91 metro still rough idle - car forums and automotive chat, 91 metro still rough idle metro car forums . i have the same rough idle situation with our '92 geo metro xfi. just replaced the resonator - that part of the exhaust system about midway between exhaust manifold and rear muffler - hadn't noticed the roughness of the engine so much before that fix. you noticed the noise more than anything else!. 97 geo metro idle issue. (tps sensor?), I found out later that day, the part that i fiddled with is the tps (throttle position sensor). i'm thinking this is causing the idle issues.. Idle screw ( not mixture on tb) - suzuki forums: suzuki, Kicks timing page says to adjust idle with the hot idle air bleed screw. back to the original question. how do i recalibrate (set) the idle screw too factory settings. if know one knows maybe i'll just get it hot let the idle settle and back it off to the low idle condition i corrected by using the idle screw. then proceed..

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