Geo Metro Go Kart

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Prices 2019 - Geo Metro Go Kart, Home build go cart with a geo metro engine, This feature is not available right now. please try again later.. Geo metro kart? - diy go kart forum, The power to weight ratio, as well as the physical bulk of a geo metro engine makes it a poor choice for a powerplant. the only way i would use one would be if i already had one, couldn't sell it, and couldn't afford a bike engine.. Geo metro dissasembly for buggy -, Well i've seen many excellent uses of the geo metro drivetrain, so i've decided to canabalize one for myself instead of buying piecemeal at a junkyard..

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Geo Metro Go Kart - home build go cart with a geo metro engine

with the outrageous gas prices my husband recently bought a '91 geo metro to drive back and forth to work. he let my kids drive it around the yard. this feature is not available right now. please try again later. geo metro off road buggy, Ladies and gents, we’re looking at the world’s first and only geo metro off road vehicle. what went into making it an “off road vehicle”. the process was complex and seems to have been handled with the most precise tools we have available to craftsmen today.. The geo tracker go- kart!!!!! - suzuki forums: suzuki, Live out in the country on dirt road, ain't got the bucks for a 4 wheeler or utility-vehicle. cage it if i get some. rolleyes:. Suzuki 1000cc geo metro / swift powered road legal buggy, Hi everyone, new to the forum but did say i would post some photos of the buggy build so far, so here goes!!, i still have a long way to go but the project is going well so far, without too many major issues (those will come when i try to get it registered for road use)..