Geo Metro Gauge Cluster Swap

Prices 2019 - Geo Metro Gauge Cluster Swap, Instrument cluster swap - suzuki forums: suzuki forum site, Is it possible to switch the instrument cluster of a 4 door geo metro 1litre without a tachometer to a cluster with a tachometer, without any modification, if that cluster was from a 1litre?. Can you swap an instrument cluster in 94 geo metro with, You can swap them out and everything on the cluster will work just fine except for the oil pressure gauge. it will say, "0" this is because the old oil sending unit was designed to make your dummy light on the old cluster come on in the event of oil loss.. 89-91 gauge cluster removal - geo metro forum, What is the proper way to remove the gauge cluster on a 89-91 metro? i got a tach cluster off e-bay and need to swap it out but do not want to break anything taking the car apart..

Geo Metro Gauge Cluster Swap - geo metro cluster swap + 0-60s

went to change the gauge cluster lights in the silverado over to leds but found out the bulbs arent what they thought they were. . geo metro cluster swap + 0-60s - duration: 21:07. in the cold morning if i jump on my geo tracker and go for a drive the speed o after 15 miles per hour starts making a loud buzzing noise and then pegs. the cable does make a chirping sound normaly.

Crappy geo metro design fixes? | mustang forums at stangnet, The only thing i found was some dude that hacked apart a later-model gauge cluster's factory tach and somehow retrofitted it into his older metro - cool, but impossible for me because 1. tach-equipped clusters are extremely rare, and 2. if i muck up the install, i will burn up the tach and be completely screwed without a working cluster, at all.. 1994 geo metro fuel gauge sensor, Well heres the fuel gauge sensor before cleaning.. Ebay instrument cluster with tach - geo metro forum, From what i've experienced the instrument clusters are the same unless you're dealing with a 3 cylinder compared to a 4 cylinder. i have a 94 3 cylinder model that i installed a cluster out of a 97 4 cylinder equipped car. everything worked except the tach was reading incorrectly..