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Prices 2019 - Geo Metro Fuel Pressure, Car gets 400+ mpg, Updated 06-15-2017 . his car got 463 mpg and ran on fumes john weston’s air/vapor flow system, avfs . literally running on vapor! over 900 mpg on coleman camping fuel, or white gas. Junkyard find: 1990 geo metro-amino pickup - the truth, It takes a really special geo metro to achieve junkyard find status; the last one that managed the feat was this bright green electric-powered ’95, which turned out to be a ree-v conversion made in colorado during the ev optimism of the late 2000s. during a trip to my old san francisco bay .. Air trikes: engines and conversion kits., Interest in 4-stroke auto-moto engines converting for light sport and ultralight aircraft is growing all over the world. we know that popular 2-stroke rotax 503 and 582 are not certified aviation engines but variations of snowmobile engines with all 2-strokers' problems..

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9 reasons why your winter fuel economy bites, Posted saturday, november 12/05 in general. as if we really needed another reason to hate winter. those of us living in northern climes have already started to notice the seasonal decline in fuel economy, even with careful attention to sagging tire pressure (probably the best known effect of the mercury's slide).. Nitrous oxide fuel jet size and hp calculator nos n2o, The nitrous jet calculator will help you calculate horse power ratings for jets used in nitrous oxide systems. if you are using a 'wet' setup, you can calculate what the fuel jet size is by filling out the nitrous pressure and fuel pressure fields for a given nitrous jet.. Chevrolet / gmc / geo transmission look up table, Best brands repair manuals auto, marine, motorcycle & atv manuals chilton, haynes, atsg, factory and more. Mini-experiment: cold start fuel consumption and warm-up, Metrompg has opened a fuel economy forum read about the project here, or go straight to ecomodder.: save fuel with a scangauge ii fuel economy computer. i personally recommend this tool..