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Prices 2019 - Geo Metro Fuel Economy, Geo metro parts and accessories: automotive:, One glance tells you that the chevy sprint, geo metro, and suzuki swift are all related under the skin. while the little subcompact never achieved much in the way of critical acclaim, the car's excellent fuel economy overcame its many other shortcomings.. How to identify a geo metro xfi –, Hi, i have a question….i just purchased a 1992 geo metro xfi. the car is a one owner with a one owner title and only 78000 original question is could you give me a suggested selling price?. Car gets 400+ mpg, Updated 06-15-2017 . his car got 463 mpg and ran on fumes john weston’s air/vapor flow system, avfs . literally running on vapor! over 900 mpg on coleman camping fuel, or white gas.

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how to configure an alternator disconnect properly. variable resistor at the air intake temperature for manual control over ecu input. although i have only been driving an extremely yellow fiat 500 pop for three days, five people have come up to me asking about the fuel economy. . i got better fuel economy in my 19xx geo metro .

Fuel economy, hypermiling, ecomodding news and forum, What is ecomodding? welcome to ecomodder, an automotive community where performance is judged by fuel economy rather than power and speed. ecomodders employ a combination of vehicle mods, driving techniques, and common sense to squeeze every penny out of the pumps.. top ten, 1. myth: you have to drive a small car to get good fuel economy. fact: advanced technologies like hybrid drivetrains, diesel engines, direct fuel injection, turbocharging, advanced transmissions, low rolling resistance tires and aerodynamic designs are allowing standard-sized vehicles to be very fuel efficient. for the 2019 model year, more than half of the top ten most efficient vehicles (the .. Junkyard find: 1990 geo metro-amino pickup - the truth, It takes a really special geo metro to achieve junkyard find status; the last one that managed the feat was this bright green electric-powered ’95, which turned out to be a ree-v conversion made in colorado during the ev optimism of the late 2000s. during a trip to my old san francisco bay .. 9 reasons why your winter fuel economy bites, Metrompg has opened a fuel economy forum read about the project here, or go straight to ecomodder.: save fuel with a scangauge ii fuel economy computer. i personally recommend this tool..