Geo Metro Economy Cam

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Prices 2019 - Geo Metro Economy Cam, 3tech economy cam -- how much? - geo metro forum, For anyone who has installed a 3tech economy cam, what's the estimate in parts/supplies? no labor costs, i intend to do the work myself.. Economy camshaft swap - ecomodder, The geo metro xfi had a factory economy cam, and owners of garden variety metros regularly swap it in place of the standard one. contents 1 instructions for mod. Geo metro modification list for mileage –, Geo metro modification list for mileage. rick. may 29, 2008. . advance the camshaft timing to suit your driving style – this one can take some time and testing to get right. drill a new indexing hole in a different location to change the cam timing. . i have a 94 geo metro, took the carpet out for some other mods: no soundproofing on ..

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Geo Metro Economy Cam - geo metro xfi camshaft vs custom grind

part 3 of the series. in this video i replace the camshaft position sensor and set the gap. to watch part 4 of this series click here: https: enpx-. 1993 geo metro camshaft position sensor pt. 3 (replacing the sensor) - duration: . 1993 geo metro getting it to top dead center without a kit (cam sensor pt 4) - duration: 9:27.

The holy grail: 82 mpg in a geo metro xfi -, The holy grail: 82 mpg in a geo metro xfi posted thursday, october 27/05 in suzukiclone info to put it simply, the xfi was the automotive embodiment of the less is more philosophy - and thus it remains the king before which all metro fuel economy nerds bow down.. International heart transplant: the blackfly gets an xfi, Recipe for getting 99.7 mpg from a geo metro 2. aerocivic - famous aerodynamic honda civic gets a web site . international heart transplant: the blackfly gets an xfi cam posted tuesday, april 24/07 in mods & tests. . the xfi's economy cam differs from the regular cam in several ways: less lift (how much the valves open). Geo metro camshaft position sensor replacement costs, Geo metro camshaft position sensor replacement costs between $166 and $397 on average. the parts and labor required for this service are ..