Geo Meaning Prefix

Prices 2019 - Geo Meaning Prefix, Meaning of geo: geo is a greek prefix meaning "earth", Geo is a form of george and is generally pronounced like "jee oh". this name is mostly being used as a boys name. last year it ranked 4,904th in the u.s. social security administration list of most popular baby boy names. geo is a greek prefix meaning "earth". as a name it appears to be mostly used as a nickname for george.. Geo- dictionary definition | geo- defined, Geo- definition: geo is defined as related to the earth. (prefix) an example of geo is geophone which is a device that detects seismic activity beneath the earth's surface definitions. geo- geo-use geo-in a sentence. prefix. geo is defined as related to the earth.. Geo- | origin and meaning of geo- by online etymology, Meaning: "earth, the earth," ultimately from greek geo-, combining form of attic and ionic gē "the earth, land, a land or country"… see more definitions..

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