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Prices 2019 - Geo Lucas Films, George lucas biography - biography, George lucas is a writer, producer and director known for his creation of the enormously successful 'star wars' and 'indiana jones' film franchises.. George lucas - wikipedia, Lucas saw many inspiring films in class, particularly the visual films coming out of the national film board of canada like arthur lipsett's 21-87, the french-canadian cameraman jean-claude labrecque's cinéma vérité 60 cycles, the work of norman mclaren, and the documentaries of claude jutra.. George lucas family - celebrity family, George lucas is an american who is a successful producer, screen writer, director and an entrepreneur. he was the founder of lucas film. he was the company ceo and chairman until he sold the establishment to the walt disney company. george lucas is famous and known for directing popular movies star wars and indiana jones..

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'american graffiti': the making of the george lucas film, Since lucas films is a san francisco-based company, its bay area contracts held despite the protest of hollywood unions. while universal was working out such union problems, lucas, with casting .. George lucas - biography - imdb, George walton lucas, jr. (modesto, california, may 14, 1944) is an american filmmaker, creator of the film sagas of star wars and indiana jones, and former president of lucasfilm limited, lucasarts entertainment company, lucas digital ltd, lucas licensing, lucasbooks and lucas learning ltd.. George lucas | biography, movies, & facts |, George lucas: george lucas, american motion-picture director, producer, and screenwriter who created several of the most popular films in history, most notably the original trilogy of star wars movies, which spawned one of the largest pop culture phenomena of all time. learn more about his life and career in this article.. George lucas movies |, Birth name: george walton lucas, jr biography: along with his friend and occasional collaborator steven spielberg, george lucas was the key figure behind the american film industry's evolution (or, according to most critics, de-evolution) from cinema to spectacle during the late '70s..