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Prices 2019 - Geo Lens House, Geo lens house on fb -, They're also the only store that i know that has lenses like the moe moe series, ifairy in prescription, and twilight series. i would recommend them to anyone who wants to try good circle lenses and needs prescription (or plano) lenses.. Geo coloured lenses - best geo prescription colored, Discover the best selection of circle coloured contact lenses. founded in 2008, geo coloured lenses is a trusted online store that specializes in offering the best coloured contact lenses at affordable prices.. Stores >lili's lens house (blogspot) >geo lens house, >geo lens house (facebook) >apple of your eyes (blogspot) >colorlens4less (non-circle lenses) >youknowit (non-circle lenses) my favourite lens brands >geo nudy >barbie. raw paste data.

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Geo Lens House - i.fairy cara brown lens review

they have some good photos of their lenses on actual people. they sell geo & i.fairy and from the 2 times i have ordered, have been very nice. i.fairy crystal pink circle lens. geo lens house: http: facebook pages geo-len. i.fairy nova brown 16.2 mm comes in power range 0 to -6.00 and always - sorry that for some reason the audio .

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