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Prices 2019 - Geo Lab Walkthrough Swg, Geonosian caves | swg wiki | fandom powered by wikia, Geonosian caves walkthrough smugglers can slice any terminal in the cave to be granted instant access (doesn't work for his groupmates though) inhabitants and creatures:. Geonosian lab guide - eternal flame, You can find the mapped guide here: and here are very important bits of information so that you can make your way through this .. Content database: geonosian bio lab revealed! -, The geonosian bio lab has an impressive array of creatures and a few npcs through the underground complex which resembles more a creature lair than a lab/bunker. the 2 main creatures you'll be looking for are the acklay (as seen in star wars: episode 2: attack of the clones), and the fire breathing spider..

Geo Lab Walkthrough Swg - swgemu geonosian cave run

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Jedi knight trials walkthrough - swgemu announcements, 1/2 way in between geo lab and labor outpost worked great for me 4.) 3 blurrg raptors -- endor (sighted 1500 m ne of smuggler post, 2000 m south of smuggler post, 1500 n of smuggler post, and 1000 m south of research post) (also check near the deathwatch bunker.. Geonosian bio-lab | wookieepedia | fandom powered by wikia, The geonosian bio-lab, also known as the geonosian biogenics research laboratory, was a laboratory hidden on yavin 4 used by the geonosians. the lab was used to test experiments on many creatures, causing them to mutate to hideous beasts, for use in the geonosian execution arena on geonosis ..