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Prices 2019 - Geo Honey Wing E0b8a3e0b8b5e0b8a7e0b8b4e0b8a7, Geo honey wing brown review - best prices 2018, Geo honey wing - honeycolor, geo honey wing; geo honey wing. rating: 94 % of 100. 27 reviews add your review. geo wing series has a unique and bold design. it adds a beautiful ring around your eyes. $19.90. . and i have been loving them so far! i have dark brown eyes and even though these dont make a big difference in color, they make my eyes .. Geo honey wing / olive brown review - my candy eyes, Please excuse my hair! okay so this is a video about the geo honey wing or a.k.a the olive brown. i purchased these lenses at my candy eyes and they were great.. The makeup piggy : circle lens review - geo honey wing, The honey wing lenses are designed by the popular japanese gyaru model, masuwaka tsubasa. here is a pic of her modelling the lenses: the lenses look lighter on her because there is pretty strong lighting in the photo..

Geo Honey Wing E0b8a3e0b8b5e0b8a7e0b8b4e0b8a7 - geo honey wing- circle lens review

my geo honey wing~~ again, sorry for the sound!! i've got subs.? ^^;;; i sound really stupid.o-o;; t^t; sorry i don't have a comparison. review: comfort: 7.5 10 i've realized that with clear . dolly eye natural 3 tone green and geo tricolor in green, purple and gray . aly d 44,321 views. 6:30. korean geo honey wing brown circle lens from eyecandylens and july favorites - duration .

Geo honey wing circle lens-ol104_brown lens_by color, Geo honey wing circle lens-ol104. no.:ol104 quantity: 828 . due to bad past experience with geo angel lens, i was afraid that these would be uncomfortable, but thankfully that was not the case. the color of these lens blended so well with my natural eye color, that you couldn't really tell i was wearing contacts, yet they were still able to .. Geo honey wing brown 蜜糖啡 (ol-104) 年拋 -, Geo honey wing brown 蜜糖啡 (ol-104) 年拋 ; geo honey wing brown 蜜糖啡 (ol-104) 年拋 $50.00 .. Cup of teaa!: geo lens review: fresh brown, honey wing, Comfort: so far, this i would rank the comfort level as almost the same as honey wing, but more comfortable than geo tri color brown. this is because i hardly get vision blockage from the colors (as it happens in the geo tri color) since the transparency for the pupil (the part where you see out of) is pretty big..