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Prices 2019 - Geo Flow Products, Geo-flo products corporation – catalog, Geo-flo products corporation was founded in 1988 out of a desire to take the geothermal loop pump industry into the future. we offer a large selection of loop pump modules more. ©2018 geo-flo products corporation. Wastewater – geoflow, Geoflow's subsurface drip systems solve many of the problems that plague traditional methods of wastewater dispersal. since the effluent is dispersed underground where it is absorbed in the biologically active soil layer, there is no surface contamination, no ponding, no run-off problems, no bad smells.. Geo-flo sales partner locator, Geo-flo has a number of sales partners who provide both geo-flo branded products, as well as oem (heat pump manufacturer) brands. below is a listing of partners by sales channel. if you cannot find an outlet for our products, do not hesitate to contact us..

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Geo-flow pipe system - a.j.foss, The geo-flow system is substantially more efficient than conventional on-site wastewater systems because its unique patented design promotes an oxygen-rich environment for increased biomat activity. with polypropylene grid and geotextile wrapping, geo-fl. Item# geoflow products geo- - valley precast, Item# geo- geoflow products wasteflow dripline the flexible ½” polyethylene dripline has large emitters regularly spaced 24” on center. with the dripline installed six to twelve inches below grade, effluent is.

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