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Prices 2019 - Geo Cherry Holic Hazel, Geo cherry holic brown yh-304, The cookie settings on this website are set to 'allow all cookies' to give you the very best experience. please click accept cookies to continue to use the site.. Geo twins | geo circle lenses | coloured contact lenses, Geo cherry holic green yh-303. $23.90. choose options. geo cherry holic grey yh-305. $23.90. choose options. geo cherry holic hazel yh-306. $23.90. choose options. geo cherry holic turquoise yh-302.. Geo 3tone cherry holic series soft colored contact lens, Geo 3tone cherry holic contact lens provides variety of design patterns and colors to meet the needs of global customers both of western and oriental. these lenses will present you wonderful, mysterious and attractive eyes of which you can be proud..

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Geo Cherry Holic Hazel - geo cherry holic grey contacts review+ update

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Geo berry holic hazel circle lens cm958 –, Below tips will help guide you, but if you have any eye irritation or a condition that requires attention, please consult your eye care practitioner immediately.. Geo cherry holic circle lenses honey yh304, Geo magic color twins (cherry holic) circle lenses in honey brown feature dramatic, 3-tone color that is perfect if you would like to completely change your eye color with minimal enlargement. twins is the brightest series from geo, promising to lighten up even the darkest of eyes!. Geo berry holic olive green - circle lenses | pinkyparadise, Geo berry holic. unfortunately, internet explorer is unsupported by our website. . geo berry holic aqua geo berry holic hazel our price: $11.11 . our price: $11.11 . our price: $11.11 . . pinkyparadise has accumulated years of experience in the beauty industry, making us a trusted and renowned online retail merchandiser specializing in ..