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Prices 2019 - Geo Bachelor Definition, Urban dictionary: geographic bachelor, A man who is married, and travels for work a lot and claims he's bachelor while traveling away from home. a man who works away from home alot, and never sees his family. and claims he is single while traveling and is away from his spouse.. Official housing allowance rules for geo-bachelors | 1200, Official housing allowance rules for geo-bachelors february 10, 2016 february 10, 2016 kimberly geo-bachelor , military i am surprised how many in the military community are unfamiliar with the terminology of “ geo-bachelor ” or “geographic bachelor” relationships, although, once i explain to them just what it really means, i find out just how common it really is.. Geographic bachelor-ing |, Geographic bachelor (or "geo-bach") is the unofficial, slang term used when a military family chooses to have the family live in a different location from the service member..

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Geo Bachelor Definition - what is the meaning of baccalaureate degree?

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Basic allowance for housing (bah) - frequently asked questions, Geographically separated families (geographic bachelors) are normally eligible for bah based on the member's duty station. each service budgets for support of a certain number of members and families at each location.. Department of the navy commander, navy installations command, List. control date criteria and definition is different for family and unaccompanied housing. enclosures (2) and (3) provide the defining criteria for control date. c. varying housing assets have unique eligibility and assignment criteria. the type of unit assigned (fh or uh) will be based on familial status and entitlement based on eligibility.. Bah fully explained - military hub, There are about 350 geographic mhas in the united states, named for the installation or the nearest city (e.g., fort hood, wright-patterson afb, washington, dc, and denver). an mha includes rental markets surrounding a duty station or a metropolitan area..