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Prices 2019 - Geo Bachelor Bah Marines, Geo bachelor marine corps - best prices 2019, Bah as a geo bachelor • r/usmc - reddit, yes, geo-bachelors draw the housing allowance for their home of record. if he moves out of the barracks because there is no space, he'll get the allowance for the local area. Bah as a geo bachelor • r/usmc - reddit, Certain rules apply to us geobachelors. the most important being that you're in the barracks on a "space available" basis. if they have to make room for single marines, consider yourself close to the top of the eviction list. also, his bah is based on where his spouse is residing, not camp pendleton.. Department of the navy headquarters united states marine, The marine corps (cmc) on all bah-related waivers and as such is the only agency within the marine corps with the authority to approve an individual’s bah waiver request. b..

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bah rc t 8 sep 2016 the amount of bah depends on your rank, location, and whether or not you have dependents. basic allowance for housing (bah) frequently asked questions defensetravel. basic allowance for housing (bah) frequently asked questions. in dual military families with dependents, the higher ranking service member receives bah at dependent rate and lower without 5 sep 2017.

Marine corps order p11000.22 w/ch 1 6, Marine corps order p11000.22 ch 1 from: commandant of the marine corps to: distribution list subj: marine corps housing management manual encl: new page inserts to mco p11000.22 1. purpose.. Geobachelor fact and fiction |, As a result, more military families are choosing to live apart, resulting in situation that is commonly called "geobaching," short for being in a state of geographic bachelorhood..