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Prices 2019 - Geo Anti Fake, Cloud anti fake public service platform, Cloud anti fake public service platform . 确定. security query tips. 1、the anti-counterfeit label coating is scraped, and a group of anti-counterfeiting security code is obtained 2、from left to right, from top to bottom, enter the anti-counterfeit code on the merchandise. Odile fashion circle lens: geo anti-fake sticker, Geo medical co. has release the anti-fake system effective on april 1, 2009. that means from the 5th batch onward, all geo lens that we sell will be attached with anti-fake sticker, which has 20-digit hidden code to check the authenticity.. Macron wants anti-'fake news' law in 2018 | world -, Paris: president emmanuel macron said on wednesday he would overhaul french media legislation this year to fight the "fake news" spread on social media which he said threatened liberal democracies ..

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all our geo products are genuine. each vial comes with a sticker with a hidden unique serial code and customers will be able to verify its authenticity on geo anti-fake website. 3. geo adil heritage problems. category . fake custodian in jhang acts as a fairy . geo adil anti encroachment operation 2018 - duration: 1:05.

Geo lens town: anti-fake info, Geo magic color soft contact lens provides variety of design patterns and colors to meet the needs of global customers both of western and o.. Geomedical :: eyes tell your heart, Welcome to geo’s anti-fake system. your eyes are too precious for fake lenses..

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