Geo 510 Calcium Reactor

Prices 2019 - Geo 510 Calcium Reactor, Geo cr510 nano calcium reactor – geo’s reef, The cr510 calcium reactor will hold roughly 5 pounds of media and is well suited for reef aquariums up to 125 gallons. the diffuser replaces the standard media plate allowing the reactor to be filled from the very bottom maximizing the amount of media the chamber can hold and the high flow circulation pump permits faster effluent rates as needed for higher demand displays.. Sold geo 510 calcium reactor setup - marsh-reef, I have decided to go with kalk alone. this reactor is overkill for my tank. this setup has been in use about a year. 10#aluminum c02 bottle geo 510 na. Geo 510 nano calcium reactor - modern aquatix, Click the button below to add the geo 510 nano calcium reactor to your wish list..

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Geo/geosreef calcium reactor (compact cr510), * these reactors are built to be used with the "aquariumplants's exclusive" carbondoser electronic regulator" and do not include a "conventional" bubble counter. note: if the "carbondoser regulator" is not going to be used i recommend using a regulator and a separate bubble counter.. Geo's reef cr510 nano calcium reactor offers a unique, The geo’s reef cr510 calcium reactor is powered by a maxijet 1200 and otherwise offers a standard design with a keyhole for ph probe, and thumb screws that keep the removable lid in place. these new geo’s reef calcium reactors will be available in the next couple of days, and will retail for 250 bucks..