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Prices 2019 - Geo 3 Vs Dm14, Geo 31 vs clone gti - best price 2019, Geo 31 vs clone gti price 2019 - geo 31 vs clone gti , clone gt vs geo 3 vs dm14, a quick comparison of 3 of the top guns to date. i did a quick chrono test, then a sound check. the sound test may have been compromized because the meter may have picked up on the sound of the. Geo3.1 or dm14? • r/paintball - reddit, Owned both and would pick the geo platform over the dm. you could always save some money and pick up a geo3. very little difference between the 3 and 3.1 besides some minor ergonomics.. Thoughts on a luxe 2.0 vs the dm14 | p8ntballer paintball, Thoughts on a luxe 2.0 vs the dm14. discussion in 'newbies' started by bertz, nov 30, 2014 . always been a bit of a lover for planet eclipse markers if you was looking up in that price range i would consider a geo 3.1 or perhaps a lv1 if that's your style good luck on your new marker . dlx have only released 3 guns in ~7 years, so they've ..

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Geo 3 Vs Dm14 - geo 3.5, dm14, dm15, etek 4 am

in this sound test i wanted to use the same barrel on each gun and make sure i did not hit any targets. also i tried to make sure the hopper was not on, but i think i forgot for the dm14 but the . shocker rsx vs geo 3.5 vs lv1 vs luxe 2.0 - duration: 3:15. no mercy elite pb team 12,148 views. 3:15. . dye dm14 vs luxe comparison and dye dm14 mini review - duration: 5:05.

Shocker rsx vs axe pro | p8ntballer paintball forums, But for a £600 budget you may be able to get a geo 3.1 or an lv1. or - if you like em - a dm14/15 the shocker, if i'm 100% honest, looks like a slightly refined ion..