Feeding Sheep Rolled Barley

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Prices 2019 - Feeding Sheep Rolled Barley, Feeding management of sheep and goats - tnau agritech portal, Feeding management and methods feeding management feeding different age groups of sheep. a. feeding ewes in different stages. 1. feeding consideratins for breeding ewes. Effect of substituting barley with glycerol as energy feed, A. gly0: glycerol substituted rolled barley at 0% of dietary dm. b. gly6: glycerol substituted rolled barley at 6% of dietary dm. c. gly12: glycerol substituted rolled barley at 12% of dietary dm.. Sugar beet pulp pellets nutritional value - farming forum, I have been planning on using brewers grains this winter to feed my cattle when they are indoors, but someone told me about beet pellets the other day. they are a lot more expensive per tonne than brewers grains, but much easier for me to handle, given that i only want about 10t of grains for the whole winter. i was planning on feeding roughly 4-5kg/head/day of grains + adlib wheat straw..