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Prices 2019 - Feed Meaning, Feed - definition by acronymfinder, 7 definitions of feed. meaning of feed. what does feed stand for? feed abbreviation. define feed at acronymfinder. printer friendly. menu search. new search features acronym blog free tools . what does feed stand for? your abbreviation search returned 7 meanings. link/page citation category filters .. Feed - definition of feed by the free dictionary, Syn: feed, fodder, forage, provender mean food for animals. feed is the general word; however, it most often applies to grain: chicken feed. fodder is applied to coarse feed that is fed to livestock: cornstalks are good fodder.. Feed | meaning in the cambridge english dictionary, Feed definition: 1. to give food to a person, group, or animal: 2. if a baby or animal feeds, it eats or drinks milk: 3. to be enough food for a group of people or animals: . learn more..

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Feed Meaning - feed meaning

video is created with the help of wikipedia, if you are looking for accurate, professional translation services and efficient localization you can use univer. what does web feed mean? a spoken definition of web feed. intro sound: typewriter - tamskp licensed under cc:ba 3.0 outro music: groove groove - kevin macleod (incompetech) licensed under cc .

Feed | definition of feed in english by oxford dictionaries, Definition of feed - give food to, supply with material or power, cause to pass gradually and steadily, typically through a confined space. Feed in - definition of feed in by the free dictionary, Define feed in. feed in synonyms, feed in pronunciation, feed in translation, english dictionary definition of feed in. verb 1. feed in - introduce continuously; "feed carrots into a food processor" feed put in, stick in, inclose, insert, introduce, enclose - introduce;.. Feed-in | definition of feed-in by merriam-webster, Feed-in definition is - being or belonging to something that feeds material (as into a machine) or to the process of feeding in this way. how to use feed-in in a sentence.. Urban dictionary: feed, To not only be of no help to one's team, but to actually help the oposing team. in dota, dying gives the opposing team both expirience and gold for your death, this is known as a feed..

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