Et Cetera

Prices 2019 - Et Cetera, Et cetera | define et cetera at, Et cetera definition, and others; and so forth; and so on (used to indicate that more of the same sort or class might have been mentioned, but for brevity have been omitted): he had dogs, cats, guinea pigs, frogs, et cetera, as pets. abbreviation: etc. see more.. Et cetera - wikipedia, Et cetera (in english; / ɛ t ˈ s ɛ t ə r ə /; latin pronunciation: [ɛt ˈkeːtɛra]), abbreviated to etc., etc, &c., or &c, is a latin expression that is used in english to mean "and other similar things", or "and so forth". translated literally from latin, et means 'and', while cētera means 'the rest'; thus the expression means 'and the rest (of such things)'.. Et cetera - definition of et cetera by the free dictionary, Usage: it is unnecessary to use and before etc as etc (et cetera) already means and other things. the repetition of etc, as in he brought paper, ink, notebooks, etc, etc, is avoided except in informal contexts.

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