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Prices 2019 - Est Moonies Scientology, Moonies / unification church archives - page 3 - cult news, Esp seems to borrow heavily upon the teachings, philosophy, seminar structure and/or terminology of scientology, est, landmark education, the forum and ayn rand. an esp “ intensive ” can cost thousands of dollars and take 10 hours a day for 16 consecutive days.. What the moonies have to teach us about scientology, Scientology membership is probably also subject to a high turnover – like the moonies, scientology also has to, ‘run hard just to stand still’. this is supported by the figures that the church itself has published over the years.. Moonies / unification church archives - cult news, In addition to malevolent cult movements that have captivated nations the old familiar groups called “cults” that douthat thinks have faded away actually are still around such as scientology, the unification church, hare krishnas, divine light mission, international church of christ, and est (the forum), although they may now use new names to avoid easy recognition..

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son autobiographie fr+angl est parue et est à disposition si vous me contactez. . mysteries and controversies : in the heart of scientology - exclusive survey . moonies cult exposed . other related issues will include exposing the history of #corruption behind several equally prominent cults & fringe religious groups including korea's #jms, #scientology & the #moonies.

Escape: my life long war against cults by paul morantz, Groups like est, the moonies, scientology, [pdf] vacations from hell.pdf escape: my lifelong war against cults - new title showcase paul morantz who almost lost his life when sysanon placed a rattle snake in his mail box, explains brainwashing, cults and terrorism.. The man who fought the synanon cult and won - paleofuture, Morantz is an incredibly driven man, whose professional passions (journalism and law) both required a kind of deep obsession. once on a case, whether it was synanon, or later against groups like est, the moonies, scientology, or psychotherapists abusing their patients, it consumed his life entirely..