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Prices 2019 - Est 1885 Pd, Peru - world statesmen, Divided peru and the peru-bolivian confederation. note: in 1836 andrés de santa cruz, president of bolivia, launched a project to confederate peru and bolivia under his "protectorship." in peru he began by having an assembly proclaim on 17 mar 1836 the south-peruvian state, following on 11 aug 1836 by a similar proclamation of the north-peruvian state; in each case he became the new state's .. Municipi di genova - wikipedia, N° denominazione residenti (% sul totale genova) superficie ()presidente unità urbanistiche comprese i: centro est: 90.161 (14,8%) 707,74 di cui 495,64 di zona urbanizzata. Plasmodium falciparum - wikipedia, Plasmodium falciparum is a unicellular protozoan parasite of humans, and the deadliest species of plasmodium that cause malaria in humans. it is transmitted through the bite of a female anopheles is responsible for roughly 50% of all malaria cases. it causes the disease's most dangerous form called falciparum malaria..

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