Prices 2019 - Dceu, Shazam! movie logo reveals new dceu film | collider, Get a first peek at the new dceu film 'shazam!' by way of the film's colorful official logo. the movie stars zachary levi and is directed by 'lights out' and 'annabelle: creation' filmmaker david .. Matt reeves clears up what he meant about the batman being, Now there are a lot of ways to read this statement: that matt reeves’ batman film won’t take place in the dceu at all, but maintain its own continuity. he’s already voiced enthusiasm for .. Is matt reeves' the batman in the dceu continuity? | collider, On today's heroes, the panel discusses the rumors and leaks that have dropped recently implying that matt reeves' the batman will focus on a younger batman that may interact with future dceu ..

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Dceu - the dceu: why has it gone so wrong?

so ben affleck has officially stepped down as the batman, this is news we learned about last week, just recently matt reeves has announced he is in search of the next batman actor. there has been . with all the news going around that ben affleck might or might not be recast, i thought it'd be cool to instead shift our focus on who should be cast as his villains.

Dc extended universe movies at the box office - box office, Top grossing dc extended universe movies at the box office.. Justice league box office makes it the lowest-grossing, The justice league box office failure has officially made it the lowest-grossing dceu film to date, below suicide squad and man of steel.. Dc is officially stepping away from its expanded cinematic, Moving forward, dc’s superhero films will be divided up into what are ostensibly two separate categories. some will be films that are technically still set in the same dceu continuity as batman .. Dceu fan castings better than what we got | cbr, The dceu is off to a rough start, but things could've been different had these 15 fan castings became a reality!.