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Prices 2019 - Best Geolocation Apps, What apps make the best use of geolocation services? - quora, Geolocation feature is used by a number of apps that require location data for different use cases. there are several app categories to include such as navigation, google maps, waze etc. apps in categories like – social media, weather forecast, on-demand services, fitness etc require geolocation services.. Try out html5 geolocation with these 5 apps - skillcrush, Geolocation is an api proposed by the world wide web consortium in 2008 and now standard in mobile devices and browsers that support html5. with the html5 geolocation standard, a web or mobile app just needs a little javascript to use the wifi, bluetooth, rfid or gps signal from your computer or phone to figure out where you are.. 9 hot ideas for location-based apps - gbksoft, 20 best geolocation based apps and services you should know about in 2018: the geolocation feature can be applied in literally any industry domain. whether you’re running a carwash company or a corporate health insurance project..

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